Thursday, May 19, 2011


Being silent for so long, trudging thru the mud of the forest, a clearing, where a solution became visible... here it is.
I want the media to have the answer to this lockout.
It’s simple; I have no problem walking in to the courtroom and saying, ‘The NFL is done, it’s over’.
Chew on this: think what the owners make; now, switch that format around to where the fans and the players make what the owners make. It’s so possible.
All this money and all this time spent in courtrooms is stupid: traveling, jets, fuel, suits, - this is stupid; this is beyond easy for me: the NFL is done; it’s over.
I’m going to give you one team, one example: Cleveland.
The Cleveland Pros will be coming to your hometown: either it be Blue Devil Stadium, Catan’s Stadium, Byer’s Field, Valley Forge.
All these pros played HS football before they played college football; they are absolutely going to love going back and playing as a pro on a HS field; it’s getting back to their roots.
If I was part of the players union I would walk in the courtroom and say, ‘We are done, it’s over’.
New motto: For the Love of The Game
New name, better name: American Football.
Every city in the NFL has major HS football stadiums and every player in the NFL has played HS football and remembers how it was.
32 owners should be able to hold millions of people hostage: does that sound like America to you, an organization that you want to follow? If I just held one person hostage, just one, I would be shot in the head in two hours. But it’s okay for 32 people, that were born, just like you and me, to hold the entire American nation hostage?
NFL is over; it’s done.
We are going back to the roots, the gridiron.
We are American football, we are all equal; we are men of the game.

SIDENOTE: CBS made a billion dollars off of Two and a Half Men, a sitcom: Imagine the exclusive rights what they could make off of
American Football.

There are four major networks that could be a part of American Football, all we need is one to make it happen: it’s that easy.
Growing up, we listened to Metallica, Guns n Roses and any metal we could get a hold of; we just played backyard football, and at the time, played with a buddy of mine that became a future pro. There were no fans, no TV cameras, just boys playing because we loved American football. We played because we loved the game: through the snow, through the rain and in the mud... was our blood. Because of the game that boy became a man that fought for our country and he had the honor of carrying the American flag after 9/11; he played for the city of Green Bay.
NFL is done, its over; no more greed, the NFL is done, it’s over.
It’s about having fun: for the love of the game.
American Football is about honor, friendship, and integrity. I have the Howard Hughes mentality: line up all 32 owners on the field of play; I will take them done like Brad Pitt in the opening scene of Troy, because heart and mind and soul are more powerful than any wallet in the world.
I’m sick, I’m tired of American greed. If we don’t act now it will destroy our great country.
I am a published author; I wrote the book titled ‘The Unanswered Dreams of a Dead Man’. Writers can create wars and they can end wars; it’s called a declaration and a treaty.
I am ready and willing to do whatever it takes to work with the Players’ Union.
The fans and the players will own American Football... the way it should have been from the beginning.
The owner won’t open the books? Because they made over 20 billion dollars? On the players? Not 9 billion dollars?
99 percent of this country is barely holding on, 1 percent is naïve to the fact that greedy men never know what they are doing to the rest of this country.
No more glitz and glamour; nor ego and greed; just bloody knuckles, backyard brawling; what I’m talking about will be ten times better than what the national football league could ever be.
There are times in life when you have to break loose and say ‘It’s done it’s over’. Like a bad relationship, like an unfair job and you have to know when to end it before it gets out of control.

This is two days of concepts and thoughts; give me less than a week with the Players’ Union and the fans and the players will forever own American Football.
This is football, this is chess; I have tactics. I can take on 32 owners. I have read the material; Patton, MacArthur, Napoleon, Churchill, Lincoln, and John F. Kennedy.
There is no need for the steelers, the ravens, the bengals, the bears, lions and panthers – Oh my.


It’s Cleveland versus Pittsburgh; it’s Dallas versus Washington; it’s Chicago versus Green Bay; I’ll say it again- no more glamour and glitz, this is football. The heartache, the tears, the blood, and the guts. Football is about passion; if you don’t want to watch American Football- then don’t tune in. It will not be a problem signing a contract with one of the major networks; I have the ideas for the Players’ Union and how the money will distribute; that will take less than 1 week; it’s that easy, period.
I am taking greed and replacing it with honor; I am Ted Gerencser, just a kid from Cleveland, just a kid who stared out the window at the stars, just a kid who believed that anything is possible.
The owners are stupid: you allow me to work with 1600 of the greatest athletes in our great nation with the greatest fans in the nation and you have the nerve, the nerve, of holding all of America hostage:

“It is over, it is done, NFL is over, American Football will rise from your ruins.”

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