Wednesday, June 3, 2009

SHIP LOG 71123

The voyage has been long and treacherous but one question still abounds from the fellow Utopians in tow and family abroad: Where in the hell is American Utopia? Alas, a good question as I see water all around still.

I don’t know. But it exists for the purity of art and the audience with little politics… except for bailouts from our homelands. This umbrella land is there for the last harvest of the century because when I was given a photo as an idyllic, young boy: it exists. So we, Ted and I, put these fledgling dories together with few supplies to find it. And we will, minus tweeting and Rockstar [although a Big Mac does sound good]. I imagined it was east of the Easter Islands… or was it west of the Western Indies? Damn GPS- it tells you one way repeatedly when you can’t go that way- fuck it, just take, yes, take the batteries out.

As today's afternoon begins, chores finished, everyone entertains ourselves with stories, pictures and music the fellow Utopians are excited to bring… for now, I'm surprised about how much material you can amass[ha! sailor's joke... nevermind]. We sail on in anticipation for more… and a big shout out for Jeff Buckley, you're in spirit, but the money runs low so we had to find new means of trading.
[This message brought to you by Green EcoSchooners – Going green is where everything you waste goes into the sea].

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